Universal HD Lifter

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Designed to lift anything you can wrap straps around, The Universal HD Lifter is the perfect solution for storing large items out of the way. Powered by two MyLifters, the Universal HD can lift up to 200 lbs including the lifting frame. The MyLifter uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, giving you complete control over your storage.

The Universal HD Lifter features a durable steel lifting frame, ensuring the Universal HD Lifter can handle even the heaviest loads. The adjustable heavy-duty straps provide additional support and security, ensuring that your items remain safe and secure.

With guided instructions, installation is easy with our Smart Track system, allowing you to easily mount and adjust to suit your needs.

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Finally, A Good Use of Your Ceiling

Maximize your garage space with the Universal HD Lifter by storing large items on the ceiling. The Universal HD can lift 200 lbs including the lifting accessory. Move items out of your walkways or parking spots. Lift and store an array of different items. Lift anything from coolers, to blow-up paddle boards, generators, and more.

Installation Information

Easy Install

Installing the Universal HD Lifter in your garage is easy, with the difficulty level being similar too installing a TV on the wall. There are two main things you will need to do. First you will need to install the MyLifter system on your ceiling and then lower the lifting cables. Second you will need to assemble to lifting frame, secure your item to it with the included lifting straps and attach the frame to the lifting cables.

What's Included
  • Universal Frame
  • 2 Quad Hooks
  • 2x MyLifter
  • 2x Power Adapter
  • 2x 30" Smart Track
  • 2x 3' DC Cable
  • 2X Carabiner
  • 2x 10' Adjustable Straps

To ensure that your item will fit in the space desired, measure the overall height of the item you are going to hang (B). When the Universal Lifter has fully raised, the bottom of the frame hangs down 9.5in from the ceiling (A). Take the height of your item and add it to 9.5in to find the exact overhead clearance.

The bottom of the frame hangs down 11ft 9 in. from the ceiling (C) when fully lowered. Use the same formula to see if your item will reach the ground.

A: 9.5 in. B: Height of item C: 11 ft. 9 in.

A garage with a winch hanging from the ceiling.

Powered by the MyLifter™

Introducing the MyLifter - the motorized lifting device that takes the hassle out of lifting and storing heavy objects. Built with you in mind, the MyLifter has 22 ft. of cable and a range of features designed to make lifting and storing heavy loads as easy and efficient as possible. The Hard Top Lifter includes two MyLifter motors that work seamlessly together to hoist and store your hard top.  


Weight-Sensing Technology

Never worry about possibly damaging your hard top because you forgot to disconnect the rear windshield washer hose or unscrew one of the many screws, the MyLifter detects the weight of your hard top and will immediately alert you via the app and stop lifting if ever overloaded or obstructed.  

Trouble-Free Winding

Each MyLifter features our patented cable guide system. This mechanism effortlessly pushes and pulls the cable in and out of the lifter, even if there is no tension on the line.

A man is standing in a room with a lawn mower hanging from the ceiling.

Automatic Lock

For added safety and security, our product features an automatic lock. You can hear this lock activating with a reassuring "click" every time the lifter starts and stops moving, even in the event of a power outage.


Adjustable Speed Control

With the built in speed control slider you can adjust the lifting speed on the fly. This feature lets you change the speed as needed, such as when you want precise positioning of an object on your vehicle or the ground.

A white wall with four electronic devices attached to it.

Digital Organization

Keeping your garage organized is really important to us, so we provided a way for you to keep your MyLifters organized. Using the app, you can name and group Lifters for easy identification.

Set Smart Lifting Points

The MyLifter app’s “Smart Points" feature allows you to create raised and lowered limits for your hard top. A single button press on the app automatically moves the item to the selected limit.

A person is using a phone to control a bike rack in a garage.

App Controlled

One of the ways that sets the Universal HD Lifter apart is its intuitive app control system, which allows you to operate the device wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the MyLifter App.  

The app store and google play logos.


A garage with a garage door opener hanging from the ceiling.

Soft-Touch Frame

With felt adhered to the adjustable frame and six foam blocks, the frame keeps your hard top safe from any scratches while lifting and lowering. With 4 connection points to the frame, your hard top won’t spin or twist while suspended.

A jeep is hanging from the ceiling in a garage.

Integrated Panel Storage

The Hard Top Lifter keeps your hard top safe by lifting from several points with a cargo net that wraps around both sides of your hard top. The cargo net fits under your hard top and is the perfect place to store freedom panels to keep them off the ground.

A man standing next to a jeep in a garage.

Adjustable Frame

While not in use, the frame is able to sit parallel to the ceiling to maximize overhead space. Because it is adjustable, this kit can be configured to fit other tops as long as it is less than 165 total lbs.

A man holding a red and black skateboard rack.

Universal HD Lifting Frame

Made of powder-coated steel, the Universal HD Lifter frame is built for variety.The frame is 27 inches in length and comes with two adjustable quad hooks.Two 10ft straps attach to the adjustable quad hooks and are designed to lift anything you can wrap straps around. The frame and straps weigh 10.5 lbs.


A garage with three power tools hanging from the ceiling.

Universal HD

Includes: 2 MyLifters

Frame Length: 27 in.

Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

A garage with a garage door opener hanging from the ceiling.

Universal XL HD

Includes: 2 MyLifters

Frame Length: 54 in.

Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

A garage with a garage door hanging from the ceiling.

Universal XL

Includes: 1 MyLifter

Frame Length: 54 in.

Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.

A garage with a garage door opener hanging from the ceiling.


Includes: 1 MyLifter

Frame Length: 27 in.

Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.



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