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The Spotlight is the smartest, Bluetooth-enabled primary lighting for your garage. Stop relying on the dim, minimal lighting in your garage and don’t hire an expensive electrician to install more lights. Plus, set up automated schedules and triggers from the smartphone app or your existing Garage Smart Door Sensor.

  • Easy to install
  • Provides primary lighting to garages that traditionally have very dim lighting
  • Customizable with adjustable brightness
  • Easily controlled via Bluetooth-enabled device (iOS 12.0+ & Android 9.0+)
  • Required Accessories: Power Adapter
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Powerful Garage Lighting

The Spotlight eliminates the need for opening and closing your garage door to get a little extra light by providing 1200 lumens of adjustable brightness – no electrician needed. The Spotlight requires the Garage Smart smartphone app on a Bluetooth-enabled device. (The app is compatible with iOS 12.0+ and Android 9.0+). As with all Garage Smart products, the patented power passthrough technology allows the Spotlight to daisy chain with other DC-powered products, making it easy to create a smart garage with limited outlets.



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