Power Drop

*Installation in Atlanta, GA Surrounding Area Only

The Power Drop is the smartest, Bluetooth-enabled, retractable extension cord for your garage. Stop relying solely on the minimal outlets in your garage and increase what you can get done with three outlets with 110 Volt AC power. Plus, conveniently control and monitor the Power Drop from the smartphone app.

  • Easy to install
  • Provides additional outlets to garages that traditionally have very few
  • Prevents power overload
  • Easily controlled via Bluetooth-enabled device (iOS and Android)
  • Power: 110v AC
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+ & Android 9.0+
  • Retractable cord: 25'
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The Smart Retractable Extension Cord

The Power Drop gives you control of your garage workspace with its 25 foot retractable cord and 110 Volt AC power (max 10 amps) running through three outlets.

Set schedules, create automations, and control your power manually from the Garage Smart smartphone app.

A person holding a light bulb on a cord.

More Power to Your Garage

Maximize what your garage can do with more than one outlet. Easily power up to three devices and get immediate consumption feedback to protect your Power Drop and your breakers. The accessible retractable 25 foot cord stays within reach with its adjustable cord stopper, no matter how high the ceiling.

A mobile phone with a power meter attached to it.

App Controlled

The smartphone app makes customizing automations, events, and schedules simple. Set schedules for heaters or decorative lights or enable sunrise/sunset automation to turn your lights on and off effortlessly.

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A garage door opener hanging on a wall.

Easy To Install

The Power Drop can be installed directly onto your ceiling, so you don’t need extra hardware or professional installation. It’s also a great companion for Smart Track, making it simple to install if you already have Smart Track on your ceiling.

A garage with several power tools hanging from the ceiling.

Works Together

Plug in the Power Drop to your existing Garage Smart system to create your own smart garage. Since most garages rely on one or two outlets, our patented power passthrough technology allows AC-powered products to daisy chain off of just one outlet.

Power Drop Specs

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